Specialty Programming

  • Water Aerobics for Fitness- Seniors
  • Water Aerobics for Fitness- All Levels
  • Wheelchair Exercise
  • Post Cardiac Treatment:  Exercise All Levels
  • Yoga for All Levels

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We want to see you soon! Our staff is now offering a diverse schedule that is sure to work with your busy daily tasks.

Our goal is to provide an Employee Wellness Program focusing on physical, mental and emotional wellness and to connect with each individual employee in order to increase engagement and fully integrate a culture of wellness into an organization.

Corporate Health & Wellness Programs

The Absolute Wellness Values

Driven by Leadership: It is only when a wellness program is driven by leadership that it can be fully successful. Leadership must lead by example. Communicate the importance.

Invest in the Future: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, implementing wellness programs will bring a typical return of $3-$6 for ever $1 invested, with a savings realized 2-3 years after implementation.

Driving Employee Engagement: ​Change the conversation from participation to engagement. By utilizing surveys, we gather important data to provide an applicable program for your employees and understand what your organization needs. Over the period of the programming, we monitor behavior change and results.

Working Toward a Culture Shift: Identify internal resources to help drive horizontal change. Be comfortable with resistance. Allow for time.

Implement a Plan: Select the first step. The sooner you start, the sooner you see a return on your investment. Start with us today!

Benefits to Including a Wellness Program: 
Increased Productivity & Employee Moral
Decreased Absenteeism
Lower Insurance Use/Cost
Team Building Benefits 
Attract & Retain Employees

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Office Hours Open By Appointment

Wellness Challenges & Wellness 365 Session Calendar

Here at Absolute Wellness, we believe that wellness is a constant process, so we developed a year-long calendar full of engaging and rewarding programs for any size organization. From fun weight loss or step challenges to one-on-one personalized wellness coaching, we have the programs to fill up your calendar or take one at a time and the flexibility to meet the needs and desires of your employees. Start out with an employee survey to gauge interest and work with one of our team members to design your program!

Celebrity Slimdown Weight Loss Challenge

One of our most popular programs, this challenge encourages weight loss that will last through healthy lifestyle changes. Biweekly weigh-ins, weekly wellness talks and fun challenges throughout will keep your employees motivated and engaged!

Step and Activity Challenge

This challenge encourages employees to get out and get active to increase their daily step count. They are provided with pedometers to keep track of their steps throughout the week and we give talks focused on areas of exercise and fitness. Whether you want to do small challenges to keep employees on their toes or a final challenge to keep their eyes on the prize, we have programming options to fit your company dynamic!

Be You Wellness Coaching Program

One on one wellness coaching that brings the most impact to your organization. Individuals will meet one-on-one with one of our certified staff to conquer a goal of their choosing. We will walk them through every step of the way. Topics may include weight management, smoking cessation, food addiction, stress management, nutrition guidance, etc. For more information on how to include your organization in on this - let us know.

Relax & Rejuvenate Program

Relax and rejuvenate is a program that is focused on the principles of stress management and your work/life surroundings. You and your team will learn how to cope and manage stress symptoms, and implement strategies for a plan to overcome some of those stressful situations/conversations in life. Acknowledge, Plan, Implement & Cope = Success!

Absolute Workouts at Work! The Fitness Experience
We offer a wide variety of Fitness Programs for your organization that are custom to the target area of interest! We accommodate to any size office, and any budget! Absolute Wellness can assist your employees in working toward their ultimate goal. Your company will also see the benefits or reduced absenteeism, increased employee morale, a tight knit team atmosphere and even lower insurance costs! 

  • Be You Boot Camp:  Full body workout that is set up for all levels of ability. You are guaranteed to see the results you are looking for! A stronger core, toned arms & legs while increasing your cardiovascular endurance are just a few benefits from this class! Our trainers are experienced in meeting the needs of a large group and can help customize these classes to the desires of your employees!

  • Stretch & Flow Yoga: Yoga is offered around your work day and a definite elite feature for your team. This is a session that can also be altered to include more of a mindful meditation practice. With our certified yoga instructor, this program is great for beginners or experienced yogi's! 

*These are offered as an add-on Fitness Experience Program or included in our Relax & Rejuvenate 10-week session for your organization. 

Lunch 'n Learns and Specialty Programming
Group wellness talks to you and your employees. We aim to please, so taking your employees into consideration, we will customize a topic talk based on them and their lifestyles. What to eat, what not to eat; Stress Management, Good Cholesterol vs. Bad Cholesterol; 10 Unhealthy Health Foods; Fitness at Home Idea Workshop; Nutrition 101, Smoking Cessation and much, much more!